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A commercial kitchen, whether it’s in a restaurant, cafe, club, or hotel, can sometimes look clean when it’s not.You know that health Inspection or a Fire Inspection could happen at any time. Is your commercial kitchen and your exhaust ducting systems clean enough to pass?

If your staff are following a suitable standard restaurant kitchen cleaning schedule, then your commercial kitchen should look clean. But your staff can only clean what they can see.

Most of the real health and fire issues can’t be seen. It’s the buildup of grease, fat and oil that ends up inside your exhaust system that's the real problem.

Let The Pressure Washing Guys thoroughly clean and inspect your kitchen
Exhaust System including:

* Fan
* Duct Work
* Plenum
* Hood
* Filters

With most restaurant fires starting in the kitchen, a quality, regular and complete cleaning of your exhaust system is of paramount importance.

The Pressure Washing Guys is the company to trust with your cleaning needs.
Our professional, timely, courteous trained personel follow all local and national fireguidelines to ensure a quality, safe and virtually “No-mess” experience.

Customer Service:
Professional, Courteous and efficient customer service associates.
Flexible scheduling process to meet your specific needs
Available 24-hours a day, seven days a week in the event of an emergency Just call us at 1-541-497-0535 to get in touch with us or contact us by email 

Have you even wondered how often your Kitchen Exhaust System should be
serviced? The following chart reflects the National Fire Protection Agency 96
(NFPA 96) recommended guidelines for Kitchen Exhaust Certification